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Sri Swami Vishwananda is an enlightened spiritual master from the island of Mauritius. Since some years he is visiting numerous countries in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia to convey his message of universal God Love.

Swami Vishwananda inspires people to open their hearts for the Love of God. He teaches to go beyond the boundaries of single religions and to experience the all-connecting unity behind the conceptual differences. He encourages people, to deepen the individual path to God, and supports them in their personal beliefs and religious heritage.

His teachings offer precious inspiration and practical methods, which help us to find Divinity and Divine joy in ourselves. Patiently he explains us how we can improve the way we live and think. The Love that he radiates touches people in their hearts and inspires them to treat one another more lovingly. It is the Divine Love that we can find within ourselves.

Swami Vishwananda is a leader on the path to the heart. He cannot be comprehended with the head, as the mind has to be overcome on the way to the heart. This overcoming is not always “reasonable”, but has to also shatter all false concepts. The easiest and fastest way for that is that of “Bhakti”, in other words the devotion to God and the acceptance of each experience, in order to endure the pain of change.

Swami Vishwananda helps everyone, who wishes to be helped, on the way to the Heart and to God. He acts selflessly and ceaselessly has only the interest of the seeker in mind. He doesn’t act as someone who knows better, but as the last of the last. It is a great grace when one is allowed once in a while to perceive a spark of his greatness. He rather hides behind unknowingness and pretends not to have any special ability. He is the most grounded friend, who doesn’t show one his own weaknesses, but lovingly supports and invisibly helps.

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