The power of the mind
The first thought, that pass through your mind in the morning is your programme of the day. 
What do you think first?
You think “What I will do today and then you carry on; the day automatically rolls accordingly to what you have thought in the morning, because in the morning, the mind have been rested and the power, all the thought have been gathered together and focus on one point – the moment you open your eyes, the moment it come to, into action, so that reaction make your day.

But in the morning if you wake up you say” Oh my goodness I have headache, even if you don’t have headache, you will have headache.” So it doesn’t matter which kind of headache, you know? But you will have headache, because you create it.

Don’t go, don’t forget that however God is, God is the creator, the protector and the destroyer and so human is. You create your reality, you create what you want and you sustain it by making it happen and everything that happen have an end.
Sri Swami Vishwananda Dec.2008 Springen


Have faith in your own Self. Have faith that what you are hearing within your heart is true. So many times you hear your heart, but you doubt it. You ask yourself, “Oh, is this really true or not?” You always have doubt like that. As long as you don’t believe in what the Divine wants to show you, you will not advance.

The moment you really have faith in what you feel inside your heart, it will manifest on the outside. Like I said, God gave man the power to create, to have the power over everything, to have the willpower of construction – constructive willpower – inside the mind.

Very often we say the mind is something apart, something which is very negative. It’s true, very often the mind is negative, but we can transform it. Deep inside in the inner cosmic mind, there lies also the Divine. That is the point where we have to use the mind to achieve the higher state.
Sri Swami Vishwananda

God inside us

We try to exteriorize the Divine, we try to make God something apart from us. But God can be realised only within yourself. When we talk about God, very often we say, “God? Where – outside from us – is this person?” We think, He is there, we are here. We are different.

Whenever we talk about God, we have also to know that it is our own Self! We are actually talking about us, about each individual person. Because we are a part of God. Even if we all look different, when we remove the veil of illusion we are one light. Like this beautiful chandelier, it has many different bulbs, but the electricity is one! If you put a small bulb in it, of course we’ll have a small light, but the electricity will still be the same. It’s the same for you: all of you can shine the same light, the same divine light, more and more. You just need to let go. To really shine, you have to clean out all of the negativity.
by Sri Swami Vishwananda

“I am Divine!”

Every prayer, every thought, every action, vibrates on a certain level. Raise the frequency of vibration; raise it in your consciousness… You are an instrument of the Divine. Let us show that we are this instrument, not just by saying it, also by our actions, how we welcome everything…

Keep reminding yourself. Now say it, “I am Divine!” Each breath that you’re taking, say inwardly to yourself, “I am Divine!”
by Sri Swami Vishwananda

You are Divine,
I will always remind you that ! Even if my mouth gets tired, my heart will still say it, until you reach this level. So did Jesus Christ. Many of you think, “Jesus is so great. Why did he die? Why did his body die? Why did he go through the crucifixion?” Right now it’s Easter. Before the crucifixion, he knew that inside himself something great was happening, something that human minds can’t understand. He materialised his body into light, like he did when he transmuted himself on the mountain.

How many people will really understand that? Not many. He did it to show that within our body lays the spiritual body. We all can get access to this spiritual body if we really want it. By the way, through the crucifixion Jesus showed that he was not just this mere human being going for crucifixion, accepting all to rise above the illusion and become the light. That is what man is here for – to continuously remind one that within this body there is the spiritual body, and that this is the reality. And the other body can make this body grow above it.
by Sri Swami Vishwananda

The heart is like a mirror covered with grease. As long as there is grease over it, do you think you will see clearly? You will never see your reflection clearly. You will know there is a reflection, yes, but it will be very foggy. So, as long as you don’t clean it, it’s difficult to see the light, isn’t it? Since the thing closest to us is the body, first your body has to be clean. When your body is clean, the mind is clean; when the mind is clean, the heart is clean. And when the heart is clean, the Divine light will shine through you and everybody will see it so clearly.

So start every day by saying, “I’m God’s child and I have to be like the child of God!” Do this for yourself, for your own growth. You know what is good for you, so try your best to change. Take this strongly inside you; put it in your mind. Throughout the day keep remembering that you are love, you are trust, you are peace, you are unity, you are joy! There’s no greater mantra. Just sing, “I am love!” By singing, “I am love!” you will always remember that you are a part of God.
by Swami Vishwananda

Realisation of God

We identify ourselves very much with the body and the mind. The rest of the power inside remains in silence, remains sleepy.

Do you want to wake it up? Do you really want it or not? You think you are not sure about it? It’s when you really want something that you must have the power to say, “Yes, I want it!” Not only, “Maybe I want it, maybe I don’t want it.” Because then you are not sure about what you really want. In one way human beings want realisation, they want God. In another way they say, “If I have the complete realisation of God, will I really stay the same? Will I really see the world in the same way?” But with this way of thinking it will never happen. Try as much as you want. Let it be said: you can’t serve two masters at a time!

You can’t have the complete realisation of God and at the same time say that you want the material world. I tell you something: in the completeness, in the Divine consciousness, everything is present. Where else than in the mere mind of man can one just see what these two eyes perceive? On one hand there is everything, everything means also the material part. On the other hand there is just the material part and illusion.
by Swami Vishwananda

Spirituality starts when religion ends’,
You know there is a saying,

Real spirituality is in each one of you, in each one of your hearts, whether you believe or not, it’s there. God is sitting permanently within you. But to achieve it, this is each one’s way, each one’s personal way. To discover the God without form, God without name, the eternal – to realise that you, all of you, are part of Him. This is the aim of man.

Open up your heart! Love, love unconditionally! Love without limit! Love without expecting anything! Realise this love is ever flowing, the more you give, the more you receive. Just give for the sake of giving.
by Swami Vishwananda

Life is not just a straight line.

For sure this line will go up and will go down. Sometimes you come down. But this is just a game of yourself. Like a game, if you want to rise and rise, you can. But on this way – if ever you go down – know that there is the hand of God to pull you up! While you are falling, get hold of this hand and let this hand pull you up. See, this hand is so great. It will pull you even higher than you were before. Like it is said about children, you give a little bit of a finger, and they just try to get your hand or pull your whole arm. It’s the same with God. The moment you give your hand to Him, He will pull you higher. It’s up to you to make this effort of giving the hand.
by Swami Vishwananda

Remember God
It’s true that everybody can’t renounce the world and live only for God, but you can continuously try to remember God wherever you are. Remember that the soul inside you is the light of God. The more you think of yourself being part of this light of God, this great love, the more you will reflect this love. But the more you think that you are just a normal human being, the more you will just be a normal human being with all of its limited qualities and you cover all of your divine qualities. Take time every day, just five minutes, to be with your Self. Forget about the world outside, forget everything. Forget about your husband or wife; forget about all your relationships with the outside. Only think of the relationship with your Self.
by Swami Vishwananda

The three Gunas
The three Gunas are present in ourselves as certain qualities:
All our good quality we call it Sattvic, all our medium quality we call it Rajasic and all our not too good quality, we call it Tamsic.

Men are bind by these three Gunas, as long as men don’t realise themselves, as long as men stay in the mind level without the knowledge of who they are in reality, Very often people say, spiritual people especially say “No, I am very Sattvic.” They think themselves as very Sattvic, but the moment, they think of themselves being Sattvic, they are already Tamsic, because a slight thinking of one being pure it’s already impure, because the pride is there.
by Swami Vishwananda


In the temple of Dakshineshwar, where the Divine Mother resides, Ramakrishna was a priest there and everyday he will go in the temple  and he will clean all the vessel which is used for the prayer. And among the vessel, there was one very shiny pot, where everyday he will give special attention to that pot and he will clean it till its shine. Everyday it was very shiny. So, one day the people was wondering “Tell, what’s going, why he cleans that vessel and give more importance to that vessel. So they say “Ok let’s go and ask him”. So they went and ask “Swamiji, why do you clean like that” and he look at them and he said “I clean this vessel specially, everyday and the way I clean it , that it shine what I have inside, that it bring forth, what I have deep inside in reality”. So he said “what bring out from deep in, from deep within, when I clean all the negativity from this pot is like cleaning which is around the soul. Removing all the negative quality and let shine the good thought, let shine the purity of your mind, let shine the purity of your action and let shine your true self.

Like that we also in daily, we have to purify, then analyse our self, because we have a mind, a mind that continuously judge, a mind that continuously see the fault in other people, see the fault in whatever that we don’t accept. Because human is not something that will accept their fault, because human like to put the blame on somebody else.
by Swami Vishwananda

You are the child of God,
You are part of the Divine creation. So make this your achievement. Make this your goal in life. Wherever you are, remind yourself of this goal. Whenever you think that you are doing something wrong or you’re acting in the wrong way, close your eyes, drop inside, deep inside your heart and ask the Self and then listen to it. Only when your mind is quiet will you hear the heart talking to you. So keep practicing.
by Swami Vishwananda

The inner learning
In your life you meet different kinds of teachers. When you are finish with the common teachers you go to a Sadguru. He will challenge you not to the outside but to the inside.  In the middle of the sea the sand is quite (the one who can go deep inside himself has a quite mind) but close to the beach the sand is always upside down (if you are only connected to the outside world your mind will be always agitated with numerous thoughts).

The teacher find the disciple only when the disciple has the urge for the teacher. The role of the Sadguru is to make oneself realize. The teacher is the mirror to the inside of  oneself. To become a disciple you have to surrender. You have to understand yourself and build spiritual strength. Your faith has to be built on rocks. You go through many challenges. Only through surrender can you experience the Divine.
by Swami Vishwananda

Experience with Swami Vishwananda

When I was in London I heard that my aunty who was 92 years old was very ill.  I arranged to go and see her with her daughter in Nottingham. The day before her daughter phoned and told me that we can’t go tomorrow because her husband was not well. I was a bit sad because I had already tried to see her before and it didn’t happen, so this time I really wanted to go. Then I thought if I am meant to see her I will see her.

The next day I was doing my daily routine at home. In the afternoon my son phoned me and said Swamiji is in London and we are going to see him, would you like to come? 
To see the full story please click here.

Swami Vishwananda talks about the power of the mind

Like it is said, human beings use only 5% of their

brain and the rest is dormant. So imagine if everybody transcended

the mind and transformed everything which is negative into

Divine wisdom. This can be done only if you become positive. Lots

of illnesses can be cured just by changing the way Man thinks. If

you think of yourself as being ill, strongly, you will get sick, but if

make yourself strong and say “Yes, I want to transcend this illness,

I want to transcend this mind,” you will get cured.

How is this done? Of course, the grace of God is there, yes, but

this also depends on you. When you say: Yes I want to take the first step, then you will have the Grace of the Divine.

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